1. Start by explaining what kind of movie  viewer you are. What type(s) do you like the most: comedy, drama, action, science fiction? Do you prefer theater movies or being at home? Your reader should get a clear sense of your viewing habits from this first part of your essay.
2.  Next, name and describe the movie that you watched for this final essay. How many times have you seen it? Who are the main characters? Give a full description of what happens in the movie/show. Grammar tip: You may choose to use mostly present tense or past tense reporting verbs as you describe what happens, but whatever you choose – be consistent!
3. Then, identify your favorite part(s) of the movie/show and analyze WHY this is your favorite. Is it surprising, or shocking, or funny? Perhaps it shows something key/important to the audience?
4. Finally, end your essay by using your imagination: if you were the director of this movie/show, would you change anything? If you could be any character, who would you be, and why?

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