Review Assignment 5 Chp. 5 & 11 

(Must be handwritten and IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 

Chapter 5: Standards of Behavior and Conduct 

Read Pages 51-56

(10 pts)

1) On Pg. 58 Answer Question #3

Suppose you find out that one of your classmates has been working as a physical therapy aide, often unsupervised, in a local physical therapy practice. You are aware that this practice is a violation of both state law and the APTA Code of Ethics. How would you handle the situation?

· REVIEW Table 5.2

Chapter 11: Legal and Ethical Considerations 

Read Pages 117-129

(1 pt each)

1) What are the 4 sources of law in US?

2) What is FERPA?

3) What is the difference between cheating and plagiarism?

4) What is Informed Consent?

5) What is the difference between sexual harassment and sexual abuse or assault?

6) Define:

a.  Malpractice 

b. Negligence 

7) Define:

a. Fraud

b. Abuse

· REVIEW & LEARN Table 11.1


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