some people said that the costs of olympic game are much higher than its benefits. What do you think? please read the material and write a 1500 words essay (need in text reference/Similarity lower than 15%)

 Content – 5 marks:


·           Two sides discussed

·           A balanced discussion

·           Use of the students’ own ideas plus evidence from research

·           Cohesion between ideas

·           Answers the question


Structure – 5 marks:


·           A clear introduction, giving general statements, an indication that this is a discussion essay and an outline of the main points to be mentioned in the text.

·           Clear paragraph structure, topic sentences, supporting sentences, ONE idea, ONE paragraph,

·           Conclusion, summarising main points, no new information, a decision about which side of the discussion is strongest, possible recommendations based on the evidence.


Grammar  – 5 marks:


·           Grammatical range and accuracy

·           Appropriate tense used

·           Connectives between ideas, paragraphs, eg, adding, contrasting, showing consequence

·           Use of modality

·           Spelling and punctuation

·          Meaning is clear



Academic Style and language – 5 marks:


·           Accurate referencing; use of in text references, reference list, correct formatting of both and matching references in reference list

·           Minimum of 5 sources

·           Effective paraphrasing, no plagiarism

·           Use of academic language, no contractions or colloquial language

·           No first or second person pronouns

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