Town                                                                                     Population

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Town A                                                                                  9,000

Town B                                                                                  9,100

Town C                                                                                  25,475

Town D                                                                                  56,425

1.  The school district
uses the Hamilton method to apportion its 22 board members to the 4 towns. How
many board members are assigned to each town, using this method?

2.  The following year,
1,000 people move out of Town A and into Town D. Now, how many board members
does each town have?

3.  Compare the results
from the 2 years. Do you think they make sense? Are they fair? Why or Why not?

  For this question, I will pay you $5.00 and $5.00 for the last question, for a total of $10.00 for both.                                                

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