Value: 5%
Due Date: 08-Mar-2019
Return Date: Not returned
Length: 1 page minimum
Submission method options: Alternative submission method
You are required to read the Subject outline and plan for your project work Assessment Tasks in ITC571 early and BEFORE the start of session.
While this is unusual, it is necessary so that you will be prepared and ready to start from Day 1 of session.
You can’t afford to delay topic selection and so you should write a project brief BEFORE the start of session or by the DUE DATE at the end of Week 1 at the latest, as you will fall behind schedule and it can be hard to keep up to date.
The Project Brief template of heading below will guide your thinking on the project.
Inform your lecturer by email and post a copy into the Discussion Forum in Interact2, before the start of session with your Project Brief (Interim quick plan) AND the address of the Blog site that you will use for project tracking, weekly progress reports and documentation.
Your blog can be an interface holding copies of all your Assessment Tasks in ITC571.
The email message and Discussion Forum posting must be submitted BEFORE Day 1 of session for Approval and includes 10 items:
Project brief template
The project brief is a document upon which the full Project Proposal and Plan will be based.

  1. About me: Who are you? What do you do? What is your Experience and Interest in this Project?
  2. Project Title:
  3. Blog Site Address:
  4. Project Problem Domain: Why are you doing this? Is the Key Research Question ready?
  5. Background/Context/Description: Workplace or personal project?
  6. Project Aim/Objectives:
  7. Scope:(detailed list of everything this project is expected to deliver.)
  8. Not in scope: (use this section to define the what is out of scope e.g. you are researching the user experiences with a web app tool but don’t want to use a phone app for testing.)
  9. Deliverables/Outcomes:
  10. Resources:

Project Blog Setup

  • Your Project Blog is required for this task and later assessment task. The blog will store entries made by you throughout the subject and to document the project stages and milestones, seminar notes and other important notes. Your local lecturer may advise on a suitable alternative process if studying on-campus.
  • You can use CSU’s Thinkspace site at (use your CSU Login ID) or a blog site of your own choice. CSU Thinkspace is recommended or else WordPress, Google’s Blogger ( are common blogging systems, but you may also have your own favourite site to use.
  • Choose and develop a limited blogger profile and enter a suitable TITLE for your blog (e.g. Joe’s Wireless Technology Project) – not your full name. For WEB ADDRESS – use your student number as your account name (URL) or other unique identifier.
  • Make a first post – a short introduction about you and the project – remember to save, then Publish the blog entry. Check with a friend or family member to ensure that he/she can see your first posting. This is also to check you have the right URL to include in this proposal and plan for your project.
  • Post a copy of the BLOG address to to the DISCUSSION FORUM in order to share with others and to demonstrate that you are underway in the subject.

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to interpret and evaluate an overview of recent trends in emerging technologies and innovation.

Marking criteria and standards
Marking Criteria

Satisfactory for 5% Further Refinement Needed for 2.5-5% Unsatisfactory 0%
Project Brief with Description of the proposed project and a Blog site address has been submitted by the END of WEEK 1 of session and is Approved. Project Brief with Description of the proposed project and a Blog site address has been submitted by the END of WEEK 1 of session and is Approved. However one or more of the required elements needs further editing or is missing. Did not prepare the required elements or did not submit by the END of WEEK 1 of session.


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