Write an analytical essay after reading the short story.

Read “Voir Dire” by Don Lee and “Doing Time in the Thirteenth Chair” by Scott Russell Sanders
to answer the following question in an analytical essay format.
Are the readers ever meant to feel sympathy for villains of stories? If so (or if not), what
is the significance of being able to relate (not relate) to a villain?
Write a unified thesis
Create an argument by comparing and/or contrasting two bad guys or villains.
Write the essay by analyzing and utilizing the texts.
The bad guys are: Chee Seng Lam in “Voir Dire”
Bennie in “Doing Time in the Thirteenth Chair”
Texts can be found below. Click on the link to access Doing Time in the Thirteenth Chair. “Voir
Dire” can be found below as well.
4 Full Pages, double spaced, Times new roman, 12 font
Text 1: Doing Time in the Thirteenth Chair, by Scott Russell Sanders.





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