Analysis Brief
Elastic Spectra curves are used to conduct dynamic design for your modelled building in RCB program (Assignment 1). Numerical analysis methods presented in the lectures will be used to construct spectra curves. Excel spreadsheet to be utilized to conduct the numerical calculations for determining the spectra curves.
You are required to find and use allneededdynamic properties from the developed RCB model in Assignment 1 for determining the Elastic Spectra curves for three building’s floor (ground, mid-height and roof levels). The natural period (Tn) of the required curves to range from 0 to 5 sec and predicted every 0.5 sec.
Acceleration time-history records for the three floors are provided in the enclosed Excel spreadsheet.
Construct the displacement (D), pseudo-velocity (PV), velocity (V), pseudo-acceleration (PA) and acceleration (A) spectra curves at ground, mid-height and roof levels of Assignment 1 building. Your submission and required comments shall only be provided in a single Excel spreadsheet file (arrange the tabs as appropriate).
The following arrangements shall be considered when presenting the spectra curves in the Excel file:

  • ? At ground level and 5% damping plot D, V in comparison with PV and A in comparison with PA spectra curves using the constant average acceleration method and the central difference method. Results to be plotted by three graphs (each graph to be presented in a single tab). Compare and discuss (1) the deference between the two methods for all the curves and (2) the deference between pseudo and non-pseudo motions (Mark 10).
  • ? Plot D, V and A spectra curves for 0%, 5% and 10% damping values at ground. Mid- height and roof levels. Results to be plotted by three graphs (each graph to be presented in a single tab). Compare and discuss damping variation and floor levels variation (Mark 10%).
  • ? Students are required to organize their submitted file in a clearly ordered format. Graphs shall be correctly labelled and titled.
  • ? In addition to above, your Excel file shall include:
    oIn an Excel tab, an image from your RCB outputs showing adopted dynamic
    properties as needed for the spectra analyses to be provided with showing your
    parametric variation to setting theTnrange.
    oExcel tabs showing conducted computations and spectra curves for the three floors.oYour last tab to show calculations for the maximum displacement and stress
    estimated on your modelled RCB building considering 5% damping.

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