1. What is the
    significance of the audience being told the median age of the reporters
    working for The New Republic? Is there something being said about the
    generation? The year is 1998, what “generation” does this movie
    pertain to, X or Y?
  2. How did Stephen Glass
    make it as far as he did? How did he publish so many fabricated
  3. Who is the most ethical
    character in the movie? Back up your answer with specific examples from
    the movie
  4. Why didn’t Stephen
    Glass just stop lying? And, because of his lying, who all is affected by
    his lies?
  1. How far should an
    editor go in defending a writer? How tough should an editor be in holding
    a writer to the highest standards? Was there some point at which either of
    these editors should have discovered how Glass was manipulating the
    editorial system?
  1. How did Shattered Glass
    change your perspective on the journalistic profession? What did you learn
    about the relationship between institutions and the people who sustain
  1. Can you imagine ways in
    which the issues portrayed in the film relate to issues of academic
    integrity in college situations?
  2. Do you feel sorry for
    Stephen Glass? Why or why not?

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