You will be adding a critique of your gallery pieces and explaining how and if they fit into each of the art
criticism theories discussed in this course. Art Criticism theories (formal, contextual, and expressive) help art historians
and critics categorize art. An artwork will not represent a theory, but a theory can lead to a better understanding of the
artwork. Complete three (3) slides, one for each of the art criticism theories: formal, contextual, and expressive. (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN SLIDES, CAN BE IN A WORD DOCUMENT) APA Format, all references sited. Below is an example of what the three slides will look like, but I just need it in a Word format. On the example, the three slides are near the bottom. Does not need to be the whole thing, just the slides that say Formal, Contextual, and Expressive.

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For each slide, address the following:

 Describe the art criticism theory.
 Tell why you feel this theory is the best fit for the artwork.
 Tell how the theory explains one of your gallery artworks
 Explain how the purpose and structure of the work relate to this theory.


Links to the pictures are listed below

The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne – Annibale Carracci- 1597 –…

Jupiter and Juno – Annibale Carracci – 1597 –,_Rome.jpg

Primavera – Sandro Botticelli – 1482 –…

Calumny of Apelles – Sandro Botticelli – 1490s –…

The Death of Actaeon – Titian – 1559-1575 –

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