Details: Assignment 2: Audio-visual recording and critical evaluation
Assignment Type Weighting
2a. Practice Session 25%
2b. Critical 25% Reflection
50% (total)
The purpose of this assignment is to enable students the opportunity to practice their counselling skills by engaging in a role play that explores loss. Students will practice their ability to stay present and responsive to a person who has experienced a loss situation. Students will then critically reflect on their practice session.
2a. Practice Session
You must seek informed, written consent from a client to record a practice session in audio-visual format, which is to be submitted for assessment with the Session Record. For the purpose of the practice session the client must be 18 years or older, and not a relative.
The session is to be of 25 minutes duration.
·  Conduct a practice counselling session with a person who has experienced loss, applying grief and loss counselling interventions as appropriate to the person’s presenting issues and stage of grief.
·  To ensure you and your client are supported it is recommended that the loss discussed was experienced at least two years ago. You will need to have referral options in place for the person should they require this.
Students are to demonstrate:
·appropriate, purposeful and timely use of counselling skills that build rapport and a sense of safety, including active listening and paraphrasing
·  capacity to stay present with and support the client through any strong emotional expressions
·  exploration of the primary and secondary losses involved
·  exploration of the client’s behavioural, cognitive, emotional and social responses to
the loss
·  sensitivity and compassion for the client’s unique situation
·  respect for the client’s strengths and abilities
·  counselling interventions matched to the client’s presentation
·  responsiveness to and validation of the client’s grief experience
·  exploration of cultural, spiritual and religious factors, as relevant
2b. Critical Reflection
Review the practice session, and write an essay evaluating the application of grief and loss models as demonstrated in the session, providing verbatim examples from the session. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the models in practice, the level of skill and sensitivity demonstrated, and discuss ethical and professional issues that arose in the session. Academic references must be used to support the evaluation.
Your essay will need include:
·  a brief overview of the session
·  a brief description of the loss and explanation of relevant concepts and theories of
working with loss
·  discussion of the session, covering:
o the quality of the therapeutic alliance
othe key loss issues raised in the session
oan evaluation of the counselling skills used, including verbatim examples othe interventions applied and their effect
odemonstrated therapeutic strengths
odemonstrated areas for improvement
othe overall effectiveness of the session
·  suggestions for improvement in application of the skills
·  identification of other strategies, skills or choice points to assist the client
·  reference to relevant academic literature and integration of theory into the discussion
Marking Criteria – 2b. Critical Reflection
1. Overview of the session provided
2. The client’s loss experience considered with reference to their coping style, physical condition, support system and cultural factors
3. Rationale provided for interventions used and evaluation of their effectiveness
4. Quality of the therapeutic alliance discussed with verbatim examples from the session
5. Therapeutic strengths and areas for improvement
6. Evidence of integration of theory and practice
7. Evidence of self-awareness and ability to self-reflect
Structure, Presentation and Referencing
1. Main ideas clearly and logically presented
2. Relevant research and scholarship literature used appropriately to support claims
3. Relevant literature applied accurately to support the evaluation and discussion of the session
4. first/ third person writing style is applied where required
5. Academic writing style is used, including correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
6. In-text referencing and reference list follows APA referencing style (6th ed.) as set out in the APA website:
7. Word count is within + or – 10% of requirement
Size  A4 paper
Include a cover sheet as the first page
Word count (actual) provided on assignment cover sheet
Times New Roman font in size 12 point throughout
Margins of 2.54 cm on all sides (‘Normal’)
Double spacing used throughout with no extra spacing between pa…

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