Details: Assessment 2 (100%)
A 2,500-word assignment to examine a case study and develop your own ideas and recommendations for the effective operation of the organisation. The case study will be proposed by the tutor and students are required to write, and present, an individual essay evaluating the role of operational and financial management in the case organisation.
Students are required to employ a range of analytical techniques, communicate effectively and demonstrate both theoretical and practical understanding of the key issues addressed by the module.
Detailed requirements are as follow:
1. Critically discuss the role of the Management Accounting in the management process and identify the major differences between the management accounting and financial accounting. Employ appropriate techniques to analyse and explain how different models of costing could be used in operational management.
2. Employ capital investment appraisal techniques in selecting projects and critically discuss the techniques in making investment decisions.
3. Critically discuss the role of Business Plan and Budget in operational management of the case organisation. Recommend the areas of improvement and prepare a new report to illustrate this, using the information provided in the case study.
4. Critically discuss the usefulness of Balanced Scorecard Approach and prepare an example of Balance Scorecard for this organisation.
You will be able to demonstrate
a depth of knowledge of the topics, supported by evidence of extensive and relevant reading;
the ability to apply the theories or techniques in practice;
a critical understanding of your topics;
an awareness of topical and other significant developments and
a conclusion that is logically derived and cohesive.
Assessment Criteria
The attached generic Level 7 University marking criteria will be employed and correct use of referencing format and style are required. A structured feedback sheet will be used to provide comments and advice.
Main Learning Outcomes addressed:
Develop a strategic understanding of the impact of a dynamic and challenging resource environment.
Develop the ability to select and apply appropriate operational and financial management techniques.
Examine the role of financial information in demonstrating accountability and performance.
Evaluate and appraise approaches to the management control of operations.
Critically apply theoretical perspectives to practical problems.
Analyse the role of finance and operations management and evaluate how they impact upon the main functional activities of an organisation and their management.
Demonstrate awareness of the legal and professional framework that governs financial management practice.
Demonstrate an ability to apply operations and financial models to assist organisational management and control.
Successfully apply a range of appropriate approaches to learning.
Select and apply appropriate computational skills.

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