Assignment information
This unit aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to develop proactive and reactive social media and digital strategies. It explores how PR can use digital channels to create effective integrated communication solutions.  You will look at various digital channels from consumer and organisational viewpoints and how best they can be managed.  There is a strong focus on creativity and using digital media in both mediated and un-mediated applications.
You are required to create a social media led campaign for one of the scenarios given below with a supporting 1, 000 word rationale that links to creativity to theory.
Devise a ‘social media first’ campaign using methods and technologies discussed in class and available from suggested reading list and web sources provided for the assignment.  The campaign should focus on creating relevant social media content for a clearly defined audience group via the most effective channels.
Students are required to choose one of the scenarios below, which incorporate varied communication challenges including brand awareness building, crisis management, content planning, and building social media influencer networks.
Political: Polls are showing that the Conservative Party have little to no resonance with the 18-30 audience who are overwhelmingly voting for Labour.  Devise a brand awareness raising campaign to allow them to gain traction with the target audience.
Due to sociological influences like increased cost of living, falling pound, and recent public relations crisis, UK charities are seeing a decrease in donations and support. Devise a reputation building campaign that inspires the target audiences. Consider consumer behaviour triggers and the use of influencers.
Cadbury’s is launching a new range of confectionary in the UK. Devise an innovative content led campaign that appeals to the target audience and encourages online engagement. Consider content planning, brand values and consumer behaviour.
In order to reach new audiences Zara would like to build relationships with social influencers. Devise a strategy that places social influencers and brand ambassadors at the centre. Consider consumer behaviour, brand values, content planning, legal and ethical requirements and crisis planning.
Each individual portfolio must include:
-Three clearly defined and researched audience profiles;  – All relevant stakeholders;  – A content plan that includes a justification of the channels used, key messages, and an understanding of consumer behaviour;  -Samples of similar or relevant content to illustrate how the campaign would look online.
-A 1000-word rationale of the campaign.
The rationale will outline the communications challenge, your understanding of the challenge, the impact on the stakeholders, and a justification of all plans.
Please note that all submissions must be submitted in proof of concept or proposal format. That is to say the material must not be published online as ‘live’ content for the selected brands.
I am going ahead with this topic:
In order to reach new audiences, Zara would like to build relationships with social influencers. Devise a strategy that places social influencers and brand ambassadors at the center. Consider consumer behaviour, brand values, content planning, legal and ethical requirements, and crisis planning.
My assignment must cover the following apart from the rationale:
Audiences personas
– Geographic & demographic traits
– The psychological motivations of your audiences- what motivates them, what do they like? what do they hate?
– How do they engage with social media? What platforms do they use? What do they like? When do they use them?
– What does your brand stand for?
– What tone of voice do you use?
– How does your campaign idea fit with your brand?
– What is your aesthetic?
– What is your campaign idea?
– Why are you doing it? Brand awareness, behavioural change etc
– What is the call to action?
– What content trends are you following?
– What content traits will you use?  Tribes, collaborations, etc?
Key messages
– What are they? Make them snappy
– What word or messages will you use?
– What types of content are you going to create?
– When are you creating it? How? Why?
– How do you keep the momentum going?
Editorial Calendar
– What else is going on during your campaign? Events etc
– Justify your timings
Use generated content
– How can customers get involved?
– Describe what you expect them to do
– Where will you use the UGC?
Social Influencers
– Are you going to use influencers?
– Who will you use? Micro, Macro, Mega?
– Show biographies…

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