Details: Background of organisation:
ABC is a non-profit aged care organisation which is specialized in providing care services throughout Victoria, Australia. The current operations include:
Providing Residential Services
The residential department is making continuous efforts in providing the best residential experiences to customers so that they can live comfortably in a sound environment.
Providing Nursing Services
The nursing department of ABC aims at providing nursing services to help the aged and people with disabilities improve their health and live a healthy life.
Providing Home Care Services
The support department is trying to provide every possible support to all the customers who needs immediate support, education, food and health.
This assignment needs to have executive summary, table of contents, tables, conclusion, references supported by a minimum of 3 recent scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles.
This assignment requires to select three contrasting approaches or methods used for operation improvement such as Six Sigma, Lean Management, Agile Management and take example or ideas of Lean Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Just-In-Time, Kaizen, Hoshin Planning, Poka-Yoka, Design of Experiments, and Process Excellence. Please select three and discuss challenges and outcome for not-profit organisation.
Current challenges of the organisation (name the organisation ABC) are organisation growth, government scrutiny on aged care industry such as Royal Commission, Residents not getting enough care, Staff management, individual department not working together (e.g. Business improvement and Information technology not working together), standardisation of IT process, marketing etc. Find out more about Aged Care Standards here –
How to improve on operational improvement? Please include diagram or graphs to on discussion.
Word length: 3000
Value: Face to Face 40% / Online 40% of overall grade
Format: Report
Learning outcomes: 1,2,3,5
Task description – Operational Improvement Methods
Following on from the previous two tasks, this assessment requires students to select three (3) contrasting approaches or methods used for operational improvements such as Lean thinking. For example, you might discuss lean practices supported by digitalisation previously discussed in task 2.
You will draw upon industry and academic research on types of methods or practices that have been shown to demonstrate organisational or performance improvements. Each method, approach or method will be a maximum of 1,000 in length.
Your report must make links between operations strategy and operations improvement theories as demonstrated through the prescribed text (Hill & Hill 2017/2018) and or other recommended texts, supported by a minimum of 3 recent scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles.
Students are then required to discuss the application of such methods to their respective organisations and work area contexts including change management considerations associated with implementing improvement initiatives.
Assessment Submission Requirements:
1. Your assessment is to be written in a business format. To assist you, please refer to the Assessment Tips and Hints document available in the assessment section in my ABS.
2. You are to include a minimum of 3 suitable academic journal articles in your assignment. You can search the AIM Library database, or use some of the ones provided in the Additional resources section under each topic in my ABS. You may also have to research other online industry related articles to support your research.
3. Your report must not exceed 3,000 words. Your executive summary, table of contents, tables and reference list are not included in the word count.
4. Appendices and tables may be used to clarify and support your arguments but should not be used to circumvent the word count limit. Use appendices sparingly.
5. Your report should be submitted to the Assessment section of my ABS as one document. You do not need to supply an assignment cover sheet with this assessment task as your electronic declaration when submitting your document is sufficient.

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