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Introduction:  This report is the follow up and recommendation report that has been prepared for Qantas Airlines by Platinum Choice Group.  The purpose of the initial report was to build strategic sustainable business relationships between Qantas Airlines and their new custom.
Qantas is a dominant player in the Australian domestic airline industry, however the continual strive to expand market share and indeed expand the overall market size where possible is always the main target and objective of Qantas.  In the report the development of the three-year plan and objectives of Qantas starting from 2019 – 2022 will include the three-key area of
1.   To focus on the possibilities of improvement to the route of Brisbane to Hobart
2.   How to be able to identify, agree and leverage innovative strategic partnerships.
3.   To grow the market share, or even the broader market size.  The key issues (Introduce any key challenges or context that impact the project)
4.   To focus on the Brisbane to Hobart route as the justifiable key focus of our marketing budget.
Body:  in this assessment I will be looking at the research results and making the recommendations for the possible business strategies and marketing possibilities for packages for both the leisure and business traveler. In the report my research and contribution to the recommendations of the research project will cover the
·         Acknowledge all stakeholders existing and new
·         Include relevant and defensible project management timelines, scope, resource requirements and budget for implementing the recommendations
·         Include a short outline of a project communications plan which will include tactics, tools, media and budget
As shown in our research already the main industries and possible strategic partnerships and alliances that can be made with Qantas are from the following table 1.2 (Australiance, 2010 – 2018)
In table 1.5 (Smart Resume Services, 2018) of our research it is showing the growth rate of Australian Industries between the years of 2017 – 2022 which will coincide with our strategic plan of 2019 -2022.
The graph in table 1.5 is showing a steady growth of industry which means more jobs which means more disposable income that turns into more travel for pleasure as well as people flying for work.
The research and tables used in the recommendations will show not only the industries of growth but also the costs and revenue of flights which have been based on the costings from article “What it costs to put a plane in the air” (News Corp Australia, 2014)
New corporate customer booking application and website
The development of a new booking application and website for the convenience of the corporate customer that takes on the new business membership of Qantas which will strengthen the business to business relationships between the corporate customer and Qantas.
New corporate member car service
As a part of the new corporate memberships members are allocated four car services per trip to get to and from the airport and workplace / accommodation.  This is to give a convenient chauffeur service for the member to be able to relax and not have to worry about taxis, parking and making it to the airport in time for their flights.
New corporate hotel accommodation membership
Just like the car service this is a convenient option for the member to have all-inclusive accommodation and car service and peace of mind of the high standard and quality assurance from Qantas and their partnerships to the member.
New corporate Qantas Club membership
The new Qantas Corporate memberships is a new selling idea for the airline to package and travel requirements into an all-inclusive membership for the business and holiday traveler.  This membership provides convenience and cost effectiveness to the customer base of Qantas which gives another win / win partnership between Qantas and the customer.
Australiance. (2010 – 2018, Jan 1st). Key industies in Australia. Retrieved October 24th, 2018, from Australiance:
News Corp Australia. (2014, March 9th). What it costs to put a plane in the air., Business. Retrieved October 24th, 2018, from
Smart Resume Services. (2018, January 1st). Home. Retrieved October 24th, 2018, from Smart Resume Services:
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My personal involvement so far in this project
So far in this project I have gathered the other members written part in the assessment 1 Part A, and created the template for the document in assessment 1 Part B. In this Assessment 2 Part A I once …

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