Scholars have noted that “marketing, in general, means publicizing your name, program, and service to your target audience. Ethnic marketing employs the personal marketing strategies that best reflect the cultural values, beliefs, and norms of the ethnic audience you are targeting” (Guion, Kent, & Deihl, 2009). According to these authors, there are five keys to successful ethnic marketing:

1. Value the cultural uniqueness of your target group;

2. Value cooperation and bridge-building with community leaders and other organizations working within the community;

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3. Value the cultural beliefs, symbols, and practices of your target group;

4. Value differences in languages, accents, practices, and social conduct;

5. Value word-of-mouth and interpersonal communication to spread your message.

Part III: Engage Target Audience/Communities (3 pages)




· Briefly describe your target audience or community you selected for your public health campaign

· Briefly explain ways you might involve your target audience in the public health campaign

· Briefly describe two ways you will promote public relations with your target audience or community

· Briefly explain the behavior change you are hoping to facilitate among your target audience and explain the key benefits for the target audience to change their behavior

· Briefly describe potential stakeholders, community leaders, collaborative partners, or gate-keepers who may help you disseminate the message and encourage behavior change

· Briefly explain two ways stakeholders might change or impact the planning or implementation process of the public health campaign

· Briefly describe two potential barriers or challenges to accessing your target audience and explain why they are barriers or challenges

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