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  1. What is a central theme evident in your experience with urban education? Support with detail from your weekly field logs and/or your experience in the schools.
  2. Identify and discuss one broader message underlying the theme – support your arguments with either readings from class or outside references (e.g., if the theme is student learning and success in life then a broader message may be why poverty matters, or not, for the issue. If the theme is student motivation or empowerment then a broader message may be how schools are structured for learning either through power relationships, the curriculum (is it developmentally appropriate, meaningful, and/or culturally relevant), or if the theme is poverty, the message may be oppression and the social, economic and cultural structures that perpetuate poverty and lack of opportunity in school and society).
  3. What are the implications of the public perspectives shaped by the media on American urban schools? (In other words how do stereotypes and myths directly affect real-world urban education policies? Be sure to provide examples and support with evidence from the readings).
  4. Write a conclusion that includes how your perspective has shifted over the course of the semester on urban schools, students, and communities.
  5. Use three class readings and three outside sources to support your ideas. These sources must be academic journal articles, which can be found in the journals Urban Education or Education and Urban Society. Provide a bibliography in APA format.

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