How do you evaluate your solution? What was the goal? How do you know if you met your goal?

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Requirement analysis on your project is required.

  • During the elicitation stage, you encountered a new requirement. Provide answers in a traceability matrix for the following:
  • Review the results from the elicitation process and transform them in to a need for your project.
  • Analyze the need of change.
  • Make sure you check for any dependencies on other requirements, time, cost, and scope changes.
  • Provide any outcomes that you believe could result if the solution was not built.

How do you know if your solution was a success? Are there any measurements that a Business Analyst can use to provide data on the success of the project?

  • Read Chapter 8 (Solution Evaluation) of the IIBA Book.
  • Go to and watch Implementing and Closing your Project of the Business Analysis Fundamentals course.
  • Do research on the internet and find a recent change that a name brand made, for example Google changing their logo or Starbucks changing the red cup at the holiday season.
  • Gather and report on any cultural changes, stakeholder impact, or operational structure changes that were done or not done.
  • Describe how they collected and validated the performance of the solution.
  • Describe any risks that could be encountered as the solution is measured against the outcomes.
  • Based on your findings, be ready to tell the class your opinion on if the solution was a success and what measurements suggest it was a success.

Evaluating a solution takes time and energy. Is it worth it?

  • After a project, lessons learned are usually facilitated by the Project Manager. As a Business Analyst on the team, what types of analysis would you be looking for on the implementation of your requirements to make sure they meet the solution’s evaluation.

For your task, submit the deliverable for your personal project. Include the following:

  • An analysis of the need for the change.
  • Make sure you check for any dependencies on other requirements, time, cost and scope changes.
  • Recommend a solution that addresses the need.
  • Explain why and how the recommended solution meets the needs of the users.
  • Provide at least 2 benefits supporting the change.

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