After completing the case history, consider ethical standards in relation to this client. What potential ethical issues exist or may come into play with this client? Be sure to include at least one ethical issue. Explore multiculturalism, duty to report/warn, and confidentiality. For example, if the client has children, explain how duty to report may come into play when working with this client.

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Case history of 19 year old, African-American Male:

Current Living Environment:

Clt lives with his mother in Chicago. Clt reports that there is currently alcohol in the house; clts mother drinks.

Are drugs or alcohol present in current living environment?:


Sexual Orientation:


Relationship Status:


Have you experienced any domestic violence:




Who were you raised by?

Both Parents


Clt did not report

Does client identify with any specific Ethnic/Cultural Group?

African American/Caucasian

Does client have a religious/spiritual preference? 


Current Employment

Client reports being let go at his current employment due to showing up to work drunk. Work in the restaurant business

What are the reasons for seeking treatment now?

Clt reports that he lost his scholarship at Iowa State; he played football. Clt reports that he got into a fight with another resident in his previous treatment program at least 15 days and was immediately removed.

What is the precipitating event, why now?

Clt reports that he was taking Xanax and Opana three months ago and had to go into treatment as a result.


Current daily amount and usage:

Clt reports that he smokes 7-14 grams of marijuana and drinks 1 pint of alcohol daily.

Last time you used any drugs/alcohol:

Clt reports that he last used on 7/9/15.

Longest period of sobriety since first use:

Clt reports that he has been only able to stay sober for seven months since he first started using.

What is the client’s longest period of sobriety in the past year?

Clt has been sober for at least six months within the past year.

Clt started taking opiates and sedatives as result of football injuries. Clt became dependent on the pills but didn’t like the pills. Clt transitioned to drinking heavily because he feels that his life is “messed up.”

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