The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires that
U.S. citizens and legal residents obtain qualifying health coverage.
Write a report of 2,000–2,500 words that explores the individual mandate
section of the new health reform law. Complete the following:

  • Explain the individual mandate included in the PPACA, and include
    the tax penalties that will be imposed if a person or family does not
    obtain qualifying health coverage.
  • Who will qualify, and what premium and cost-sharing subsidies will be available to individuals?
  • Research the income levels of individuals in your state by reviewing information available on this Web site. How do you think the individual mandate will affect the citizens and legal residents in your state?
  • If you were required to make one policy change or enhancement
    to ensure success of the individual mandate included in the PPACA, what
    would you recommend?
  • Assess the historical relationship between the cost of health
    care and outcomes in the United States with the cost of health care and
    outcomes in another country. What policies could be considered to assist
    in changing the relationship between costs and outcomes to a more
    efficient relationship in the United States, if at all?

Note: Your report should use APA formatting, and you
must include 4 references, 2 of which are peer-reviewed sources from
health care journals.

Provide a one-page description of a stressful event currently occurring in your life. Then referring to information you learned throughout this course, address the following:

1. Describe the physiological changes in the brain that occur due to the stress response.

2. What emotional and cognitive effects might occur due to this stressful situation?

3. Would the above changes (physiological, cognitive, or emotional) be any different if the same stress were being experienced by a person of the opposite sex, or someone much older or younger than you?

4.If the situation continues, how might your physical health be affected?

5.Describe 3 behavioral strategies that you could implement to reduce the effects of this stressor. Explain how each behavior could cause changes in brain physiology (for example, exercise can raise serotonin levels).

6. Would there be any ethical considerations you would have to keep in mind as you seek to implement these behavioral strategies to reduce the effects of this stressor? How would you ensure your strategies do not negatively impact other aspects of your life or those in your life?

Your paper should be double-spaced and in 12 point, Times New Roman font with normal one-inch margins, written in APA style, and free of typographical and grammatical errors.  It should include a title page with a running head, an abstract, and a reference page. The body of the paper should be at least 6 pages in length.

Find a vegetable or fruit that you have never taste or have never liked

Find a recipe using this new fruit or vegetable, prepare the recipe, and try the product.

Write a brief history of the fruit or vegetable (50-100 words) including its origin, the part of the world where it is most commonly consumed, and its common uses (desserts, side dish, salad, snacks,etc.).

Write at least 2 paragraphs (100 words) about the best way to select this fruit or vegetable, the best means of storing it, and some hints to follow when preparing it for raw or cooked consumption.

Type out the recipe and include its source (where you got it). Also include specific ingredient amounts, cooking times, cooking temperature, serving size and yield

Include a brief review of your impression of the fruit/vegetable and the recipe you prepared (at least 50 words).

Your finished assignment should be at least 1 page, double-spaced and not more than 3 pages. (The recipe will NOT count towards the total word count). It should be type-written, double-spaced on white paper.

please do a focus problem for a 2month old baby with VSD, make sure the chief compaints, and ROS, physical exam relates to VSD clinical findings. Please include three differential diagnose with ICD code include and rational in the clinical findings that lead to the differential diagnose, the primary diagnose being ventricular septal defect (VSD). please also include the treatment plan for the 2month old baby, and be sure to use evidence-based guidelines. Only use evidence based articles not later than 2012. Treatment plan includes, medication if needed, anticipatory guides for parents. and non-pharmacological treatment to help with symptoms. Also be sure to include what diagnostice test this patient will need, don’t forget to references. It should be in APA format. please be very detail in your assements and treatment plans.

please see the templet provided, you don’t have to fill out all the parts of this templet only waht is pertinent finding during a office on a 2month old child with VSD. please use the uploaded template, some of the information is already fill in, just need to fill in the clinical fings of a VSD patient, 3 differentials diagnose with the ICD code including the rational of what you found in the physical exam or health history that brought you to that conclusion. And finally the Treatment plan, with evidence based guidelines.

Waypoint Assignment

Informed Consent

Below are four examples (see attached documents) of commonly used informed consent forms.

  • Review one of them and identify the five requirements within that
    consent form; explain where and how each element is noted within the
    actual form itself.
  • Then, analyze the purpose for such consent forms from both the patient’s and organization’s viewpoints.

Your paper should be two to three pages in length, excluding the
title and reference pages; include at least two scholarly sources, in
addition to the text; and be written in APA format.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

The SLP assignment for this course will entail becoming familiar with Healthy People initiative. To the end, you will be asked to view a series of videos presenting the key components of Healthy People 2020, illustrating how these are being implemented, noting data sources available to monitor progress toward achievement of Healthy People goals objectives, and recommending strategies for incorporating Healthy People into the work we do as health educators.

View the fourth and final of these videos. After watching the video, address the following questions:

  1. How do you plan to use Healthy People 2020 in your work as a new health educator?
  2. What specific resources (web-based or otherwise) will you likely use? Please list and briefly describe each.
  3. Thinking back to the Leading Health Indicator you identified as a primary concern in Module 1, ( life expectancy at birth; rate of death from coronary heart diseases and stroke; public health challenges and health disparities, Aungst, 2011. ) how will you track progress toward achievement of the corresponding Healthy People 2020 objectives?

SLP Assignment Expectations

Length: 3 pages.There should be intext citation

Required readings


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2010). Healthy People 2020: Leading Health Indicators. Retrieved from

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (2014). Public Health Learning Modules-Conclusion. Bringing It All Together: Making Health People a Mindset. Retrieved from…

  1. Given the increasing longevity of Americans and the costs of providing long-term care, anticipation of the costs should be a major element of every family’s financial planning. Current information suggests however, that very few families or individuals give this consideration. What factors might impede this advance planning? What measures might be effective in raising awareness among Americans about this important matter?
  2. Identify the major factors that have resulted in the shift in utilization from inpatient hospitalization to ambulatory care services. What are the implications of this shift for hospitals, consumers, and the health care delivery system as a whole?
  3. The recipients of mental health services in the US represent only a small percentage of those in need of services. Discuss the factors that impede access to mental illness treatment.

For this assignment, you should first complete the following tasks:

  • Initiate a focused job search using industry key words
  • In the CSU-Global Career Center, use Optimal Resume to complete two specific activities: the résumé builder and interview preparation
  • Conduct a practice interview either on your own (using flashcards with prepared questions), with the help of a friend/family member, or with a professional in your field

Then develop a well-written paper that includes the following:

  • The results of your job search
  • A summary of what you learned in building a résumé
  • An assessment of your experience in a practice interview, including what you learned that you can apply to a real-life interview

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be 2-3 pages in length not including a title or references page

elect one of the following ethical issues in healthcare from the following choices:

  • Gender selection in human embryos
  • Stem cell transplants
  • Foregoing curative medical treatment due to religious beliefs
  • Futility of care
  • Abortion after six months.

If no topic listed here is of interest to you, contact your instructor for permission to consider a different topic.

Use the CSU Global Library and select Internet sources to conduct research on your chosen topic. Based on your research, provide the history of the issue from a legal, ethical, and moral perspective. In your paper address the following questions:

  1. Do the consequences of actions always direct what is morally required?
  2. What should happen when two principles come into conflict? For example, should patient autonomy be considered more important than beneficence? Defend your position.
  3. Are moral and ethically rules always binding, or are they only guidelines to be assessed in each case? Defend your position.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be ten to twelve pages in length, not including the cover or reference pages.
  • Be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
  • Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of eight scholarly references – four of these references must be from outside sources and four may be from course readings, lectures, and textbooks. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.
  • Utilize headings to organize the content in your work.