Graduation research for law graduates with a bachelor’s degree.

I want someone who specializes in writing and understands the law, and if he reads Arabic, then he is better, or someone who understands the Islamic religion.


Last week, when I presented the research proposal, the doctor did not like it and said it t is very broad and common, so I do not know what legal issue in KSA should I discuss? So you must find me a legal problem in Saudi Arabia that is not common and broad

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It must contain 7000 words. From the ninth point in the PDF, the words will be counted.

From the second page the Roman numbering begins to the eighth page. From the ninth page, the normal numbering begins.

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topic: Over reliance on religious doctrine as a foundation of law and criminal punishment ” KSA, USA”

The legal problem is that Saudi Arabia does not have a codified criminal law, and the criminal law is based upon Sharia law which sometimes some people get away with criminal acts, so there are some loopholes that lead to the failure to apply the appropriate punishment to the criminal, such as the killer’s reliance on blood money for premeditated murder. The family of the murdered also began to trade blood money and put in large sums of money. Another example is honor killing a killer may be sentenced to a reduced punishment due to anger. In other countries, criminal law is not integrated with religious conventions. This is not the case in Saudi Arabia, where criminal laws are either based on the Quran and Sunnah or cannot contradict the tenets found in these texts. my research will seek to compare the criminal law and procedures of Saudi Arabia and a Western country like the United States to see which system offers a fairer and more reasonable criminal law procedure and criminal punishment. A shift towards a separation between law and religion could benefit the Saudi legal system in the long run.-

Read each paragraph and give me your opinion if you agree or disagree with it


When it comes to leadership there are some values that one must adhere to, to play the role of an efficient leader. Every situation is different and must react accordingly. The values involve communication amongst others. You must respect each other and work together as a team. Leadership isn’t a one-way communication, you listen to others, and you encourage your team and community.

Possible challenges could be that individuals do not follow policy or do not understand core values. When it comes to communication, depending on how everything goes, body language, tone, how one handles a given scenario, ends with various results. Communication is the key to everything in a leadership role, as well as how one handles the situation.

Kouzes talks about various elements of leadership in its basic form. These are modeling ways, inspiring visions, challenging processes, enabling and encouraging others to act. One can’t lead on their own. The must encourage their team and take care of their team, so they both support each other. Being able to get over obstacles requires blueprints of what to do. acknowledgment of a problem and coming up with ideas to overcome the issues present, start with the individuals you are working with.


Leaders are balancing the changing work environment by putting emphasis on the core values within the criminal justice system while being able relate to what their subordinates are experiencing and going through. For instance, I work in regional jail, and in my facility, we preach being firm, fair, and consistent. We hear this throughout our entire career. We emphasize this in every situation. Whether it is disciplining and inmate or discipling a staff member. Basically, being firm is not wavering in your decision, be fair when making your decision, and be consistent meaning you should ensure you are same person every day; not a nice guy today, and then a total jerk the next day. As leaders at the facility we can actually give real world examples of being firm, fair, and consistent, therefore we are able to relate to our subordinates and they can relate to us.

The challenges that we are being faced with is when the staff decides not to practice all three and decide they want to pick and choose when to be fair, firm, or consistent. I’m not sure how to overcome this challenge, because we cannot control what an individual chooses to do, we can only address the behavior. According to Kouzes and Posner (2017), individuals want a leader who can see passed the current problems and have a vision for better future. Overall I think the challenges that face the criminal justice system can be overcome by having new and innovative ideas that this new generation can relate to.


Communication is key in everything being successful. If a leader has a vision and that person does not share that vison with their constituents, then it is merely just an idea. There will be nothing to come of that idea if it is not brought up, which would be marked as a failure.

Sharing one’s idea would be ideal because that way, others can intake the idea or vision and think about this cognitively. Then, they may or may not give their input on the targeted idea. If nothing is said, then no communication can occur and there would be nothing being done to make the vision a realistic thing.

Communication is a two-way road. An idea is given, in return, there needs to be input given back. How can we improve this currently and will this work? If not, what will work? And what do we need to do, to make this happen? The exchange of ideas and everybody coming together to help as a group is how effective communication works. A leader needs to take his groups ideas and perspectives and work together as a team to accomplish the task at hand. When paving a new path, stating that your way is the only way, is not effective and will hinder individuals from speaking up and this will close off communication connections.


  • Interpret what Kouzes and Posner were referring to regarding leadership visions for organizations being inadequate if not shared with constituents.

When leadership visions are not shared with constituents the visions will not be properly followed, which withholding the information regarding leadership visions impacts the ability of constituents to succeed as a leader in the organization in the future. The five practices of exemplary leadership include modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act, and encourage the heart (Kouzes & Posner 2017, pg. 11). Leaders and managers must be direct about values as well as expectations in order to instruct others to follow. Inspiring a shared vision is necessary in order to lead a successful group of people and programs. Leadership visions for organizations are inadequate due to the lack of direction for the constituents. Success will also be achieved when a leader inspires others to follow and engage in a shared vision.

  • Analyze the implications associated with sharing, or not sharing, a vision with constituents in a criminal justice organization context.

Sharing a vision in criminal justice organizations ensures that criminal justice professionals practice similar values and follow specific guidelines in the field. The visions will be practiced and shared with federal, state, and local criminal justice agencies, which the consistency in the criminal justice system will provide security to the community. Consistency is a necessary element in the criminal justice system due to the amount of disorganization in society. Consistency is necessary for laws and punishment in order to remain within the guidelines from the constitution. Mandatory sentencing remains consistent for all people and punishment for offenders is relatively similar, which when the criminal justice system demonstrates an inconsistency the community questions the decisions of criminal justice professionals. A shared vision holds all criminal justice professionals to the same standards and expectations regardless of their level of placement in the government or power, they must all practice the same values.

  • Explain how communication skills impact communication of a vision in a criminal justice application-based context.

Communication is an important element when managing an organization and constituents, especially when large amounts of people involved. The vision must be communicated to the constituents with various methods and overtime to ensure that the vision is reintroduced when new members enter the organization. Changes and future developments, such as new laws, are important for leaders to communicate with constituents. Newly developed policies must be communicated to all levels of law enforcement and criminal justice professionals in order for the policies to be effectively and efficiently enforced.

Contract Analysis Part A – 24 points

Residential House Lease

The following question is based on the Residential House Lease found in the Contracts

Module. Please reference the Lease by clause number as you answer the questions.

Essay (1-2 complete paragraphs with


references to


your answers)

Maria, the landlord, refuses to fix a small leak in the roof that was there prior to

the current tenant. The consequence is that black mold has been forming in the

attic. Juan, the current tenant, still has significant time remaining on his lease.

Juan has notified Maria in writing of the mold and leak issue. He is concerned

about the premises becoming unsafe to live in. It has been 14 days since he

emailed her his notification. What are Juan’s options if Maria declines to do the


UCC Sales Contract

The following question is based on the Sales Contract found in the Contracts Module.

Please reference the Sales Contract by clause number as you answer the questions.

Remember, this is a contract under the UCC.

Essay (1-2 complete paragraphs per essay with text references to support your answers)

You received non-conforming goods as a result of an ambiguity in the contract.

You ordered goods thinking it was a particular product. You wanted Razor

scooters as that was the original oral communication when the selling merchant

was first contacted by you. Thereafter, in phone conversations, you and the seller

just talked about scooters. The selling merchant shipped scooters but not Razor

scooters. Upon receipt of the goods, what are your merchant options under the


Why are text references important? Contract language does not exist in a vacuum. It is written

based on the law. It is critical, therefore, to cite to the text to support your analysis

A variety of individual causes of juvenile delinquency have been presented in the lesson and readings this week. Some of these causes focus upon personal characteristics of the juvenile, while others attribute delinquency to societal causes.

In your initial response, begin by discussing whether you believe personal or societal causes have the biggest influence on juvenile delinquency. Next, identify one specific personal characteristic or societal cause that you believe most accurately explains decisions to participate in juvenile delinquency. Briefly defend the personal characteristic or societal cause you selected by explaining why it is more accurate than other theories presented this week.

In your response posts to classmates, evaluate the personal characteristic or societal cause selected by the classmate as most accurately explaining juvenile delinquency. If you agree, elaborate on the points made by the classmate and provide additional supporting justification for the selected theory. If you disagree with the theory selected by the classmate, respectfully point out deficiencies you see with the theory.

Initial posts must be a minimum of 350 words not counting the repeating of the question or reference list, and incorporate material from at least two (2) cited sources. At least two (2) response posts to classmates with a minimum of 150 words each and material from one (1) cited source in both responses are required.

Please write the responses without addressing the student.

Your grade will be based on the following rubric:

No Work





Substance (Possible 40 points)

Zero points: Student failed to respond to the essay question.

25 points: Presentation is unclear; a basic understanding of the topic and issues is not evident; explanation is lacking; segments of the required answer are lacking; sources and supporting facts are not utilized; length requirements may not have been met.

30 points: Student’s initial posting did not meet the length requirement; and/or presentation evidences some confusion concerning topics under discussion; analysis may be lacking and/or elements of the question are not answered; support and references may be lacking.

35 points: Student answered/addressed most aspects of the question/topic posed in the Forum; initial posting met length requirement; a basic understanding of relevant concepts/theories is demonstrated; relevant sources were located; minimal or no facts/examples were used in support of presentation.

40 points: Student answered/addressed all aspects of the topic/question posed in the Forum; initial posting met length requirement; analysis of concepts and theories clearly demonstrates superior knowledge and a clear understanding of the topic; relevant and scholarly resources were located and used appropriately; facts and examples are used in support of presentation.

Collaboration (Possible 30 points)

Zero points: Student filed none of the required replies.

10 points: Student filed only one of the required replies OR filed the required replies but failed to meet length requirements.

20 points: Student filed the minimum number of replies, meeting the length requirements and evidencing an understanding of the issues under discussion and the views of colleagues. Student failed to respond to specific queries posed to him by colleagues or by the Instructor. Student did not take initiative in advancing the discussion throughout the week.

30 points: Student filed all required replies and they met the length requirement; all replies were substantive, thoughtful responses and contributed to the discussion; student exceeded minimum requirements by answering all queries posed to him by other students or the Instructor; student was “present” and participated throughout the entire week.

Timeliness (Possible 10 points)

Zero points: Student filed more than two required postings in an untimely manner.

2 points: Student filed two required postings in an untimely manner.

7 points: Student filed one required posting in an untimely manner.

10 points: Student filed all required postings in a timely manner.

Writing (Possible 10 points)

Zero points: Student failed to respond to the essay question.

4 points: Writing contains numerous grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Language uses jargon or conversational tone; meaning is difficult to discern; organization is lacking.

6 points: Writing contains several grammatical, punctuation, and/or spelling errors. Language lacks clarity or includes some use of jargon and /or conversational tone; sentence structure is awkward.

8 points: Student demonstrates consistent and correct use of the rules of grammar usage, punctuation and spelling, with a few errors; there is room for improvement in writing style and organization.

10 points: Student demonstrates consistent and correct use of the rules of grammar usage, punctuation, and spelling. Language is clear and precise throughout all submissions. Sentences display consistently strong, varied structure and organization is excellent.

Citations (Possible 10 points; zero points if citations are missing)

Zero points: Student failed to respond to include citations and/or references

4 points: Citations of reference sources exist; citations apparently correspond to the correct source but do not enable the reader to locate the source. APA 6th edition format not evident.

6 points: Attempts to cite reference sources are made, but the reader has difficulty finding the sources; attempts to use APA 6th edition format not evident.

8 points: Reference sources are cited as necessary, but some components of the citations are missing and/or APA 6th edition format is faulty in some respects.

10 points: Reference sources relied on by the student are cited appropriately and accurately. No writing of others is left without quotation and/or attribution, as appropriate. APA 6th edition format is used correctly and consistently.

First Assignment

Must post first.

Pick a current event from the past three months that highlights a story related to rape or sexual assault. Respond to the following statements:

1. Summarize the story.

2. Discuss one empirical research article on this problem in society. What I’m looking for here is what does the research in the field say about this kind of issue. The research should focus research about prevalence, measurement, policies, or possible solutions.

Make sure you cite the original story and the research article. Use in-text citations when you talk about the research.

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Prepare: According to the 2016 National Association of College and Employers Report, the top five attributes – known as soft skills – employers seek in their new hires include: leadership, collaborative teamwork, effective communication, problem solving/critical thinking, and having a strong work ethic. Soft skills are skills that characterize relationships with other people or how you approach life and work. By developing your soft skills, you are working toward becoming a more intentional learner.

Write: In a minimum of 250 words and in complete sentences, respond to the following questions:

  • Based on your career goals (crime scene investigator/detective), prioritize the five soft skills in the order that you think will be most critical to your professional success.
  • Describe 2-3 ways each of the soft skills can support you in your profession. For example, you can say, “As a business owner, effective communication will be important because my success will depend on …”
  • Soft skills are not only developed in a career setting but are also developed through personal interactions. Choose one of the five soft skills and explain how you demonstrate the skill outside of the work environment.


* 250 words at least. ALL in your OWN words. No sources needed for this. Plagiarism will not be accepted.
* No formatting requirements. Remember this is just a discussion post.
* Answer all of the questions.

Prepare to participate in a debate on the following topic:

  • Should police departments train sworn police officers to complete financial reports and prepare budgets or hire civilian personnel for these tasks?
  • Do civilians have enough knowledge of policing to properly prepare good budgets addressing policing needs?
  • Can sworn officers fulfill this task without proper degrees/education?

***** All three topics must be covered in your debate paper. *****

Create a single document that includes both Part I and Part II of the debate as listed below:

Part I

Create an outline supporting your position. You should include a minimum of 5 points and each point should be fully supported with sub points.

Part II

Create an outline countering your original position. You should have a minimum of 5 points and each point should be fully supported with sub points.

  • Refer to Chapter 8: Who can be found guilty of business crime and what is the key to establishing criminal liability? Using the Internet, research and post an example of a business crime committed in the last 2 years and any and all of those who were held criminally liable. (See the examples of types of business crimes in the chapter reading). Include your source for information in your answer.
  • When in the private workplace do we have a “reasonable expectation of privacy”? What is the test for the tort of invasion of privacy? If management’s interest is to make sure its employees are productive, can management monitor computers, workstations, phones, etc.? Why or why not?
  • Can
    management/employers today use personal information and lifestyle posts
    on social media to make a determination of whether to hire someone? Why or why not? Support your answer.

In a 2-3 page paper, written in APA format using proper grammar and spelling, describe the factors that contribute to the development of gang affiliations. Be sure to include and cite two outside sources to support your views.use reference page and be detailed

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:


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