In the lectures, I presented the important role of Chinese immigrants (and later other Asian immigrants) to the development of American industrialism. First, discuss how and why Chinese immigrants initially came to the United States and their main contributions to the American economy from the 1840s to the 1920s. Then, drawing on lectures, explain why do you think this history is conspicuously absent in today’s discussions about immigrants and about immigrant policies generally?

Test the key

1. The first answer what the Chinese immigrants to the United States (domestic comparison mess at that time, everyone wants to come out to make money, the americans of the skies, etc.)

2. Then talk about the contribution to the American economy: gold mining, railway, such as to make White House maid. These are detailed PPT

3. This problem is to free play at last. In combination with the teacher lecture, why now everybody avoided to this historical period, even if has talked about immigration or immigration policy. Can be combined with the teacher in class about immigration act to answer

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