Choose an organization or a company and figure out what kind of issues or problems the organization currently has. These could be financial, operational, organizational or strategic issues. Think about what decisions you will make if you were a manager, a CEO or a key decision maker in the organization. Like the full-length cases we have covered this semester, include the following items when formulating your case study:
Explain the problems at the beginning of your case as an introduction.
Provide an organization overview, as well as relevant external and internal information about the organization.
Use the analysis tools and knowledge we have learned from the textbook and cases to analyze the information.
At the end of the case study, provide your decisions and explain how your decision can help the organization with the supporting details.
In order to choose an appropriate organization for this case study development, two things should be considered. First, the organization chosen should currently have serious issue(s) or problem(s) which require strategic decision making. This would be your starting point for the case development. Serious issues can always be interesting case topics. Secondly, before you start the case study development, think about how much data or information you could have access to. Usually public companies’ information are easily gained compared to a private company. However, if you have private routes to have access to the private firms you are interested in, it’s fine to select the private organization as long as you can collect the information necessary for your analyses.
Construction of the paper (grammar, spelling, and style in addition to content) will be considered when grading the paper (see Grading Criteria for Written Assignments under the Announcements tab on the left side of Blackboard.) All cases should use standard American Psychological Association (APA) format. In particular, cases must be:

  • double-spaced,
  • employ 1 inch margins,
  • use headings and subheadings where appropriate,
  • use page numbers, and
  • use a 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • create a powerpoint of paper


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