Article 1, Section 2 and Article 4, Section 2 are both saying that there should be at least one Representative to states. Also, counting each black individual as three-fifths of a person for purpose of the representation. The Three-Fifth Compromise, a compromise between the northern and southern states was a debate over whether or not slaves should be counted toward the states voting. During the new national government, they granted slave owners with more political power. The slave owners were granted more political power because they were letting southern states import more Africans. The states of the upper south also brought a ban on the Atlantic trade because they had a surplus of slaves, which meant slave owners could get higher prices when they sold their slaves to other states. Such as South Carolina and Georgia because they were dependent on a continued slave trade.

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The Three-Fifth Compromise created tension between the Northern States because they were wanting to get rid of slavery but, the South was wanting to keep it due to it increasing the slave population. Both Jefferson and Madison had strong negotiations, they suspected that if there was a treaty was with Britain. Britain would favor northern merchants and manufacturers over the agricultural South. Jefferson and Madison also noticed that they mistrusted Britain and saw that the Jay’s treaty, was having the American state favoring Britain over France. After John Jay signed a “treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation” with the British, the United States agreed to treat Britain as its most prized trade partner.

In your reply, do not just simply “agree” or “disagree” with your classmates. In your post explain why you agree or disagree. Address the examples they offered to support their perspectives. Can you identify other examples that support their views? Can you identify other examples that challenge their views? You may want to comment of any valuable insights or suggestions that you got from their post, or pose follow up questions for further consideration.

Your “Peer Response” should demonstrate that you have watched the films, or read the textbook and the primary source. Your reply need not address every aspect of the prompt, but it must be relevant to the original discussion prompt and appropriate to the discussion. Your response should be 100 – 150 words. Your ideas should be expressed clearly and concisely. It should be able to stimulate discussion and offer new interpretations of discussion material.

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