Complete 14 pages APA formatted article: The Importance and Necessity of Adaptation of Sustainable Technology. This idea is very well conceptualized in the ‘S’ shaped curve of Technology life cycle, which represents a decline in advancement after a period of growth.

This study aims to highlight the importance and necessity of adaptation of sustainable technology in one such very important area of human advancement, namely the construction, design, and maintenance of existing office buildings in the United Kingdom.

This study reflects the principles of sustainable development, as defined by the Brundtland Commission, formerly the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), notably, the “process of meeting present needs without compromising future needs.” That implied sustainability and renewability, which is a conscious reversal of the consumptive tendencies of history. It also emphasized the efforts that have already been taken in this area to increase the consciousness of participants in the field. The study will also bring about the advantages that would accrue to the people involved in taking these measures. An attempt would also be made to expose any gaps that lie in innovative methods to make this a feasible economic activity. It will also try to expose the barriers that come in the way of managers and industry in adopting these standards.

The study specifically investigates the issue as to how innovation and technology can be used to convert the existing building and office premises in the UK to sustainable models that are eco-friendly and benefit all the people both financially and&nbsp.environmentally.&nbsp.The unprecedented rate of increase in global temperatures that have been recorded during the 20th century is the highest in the last millennium. And, according to the IPCC, most of this increase is attributable to human activities.&nbsp.

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