Employees: Please provide comments about your performance relative to each of the KEAs described below. Please feel free to communicate in case you need detail information regarding the tools and things in relation to my job. see attachments for my yearly stats.

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Job Knowledge

Demonstrates a solid understanding of the goals and objectives of his/her job, as well as the related processes and technology tools:

Communicates Effectively

Speaks and writes with clarity and purpose, delivering information, direction and ideas in an easy-to-understand manner:

Develops Relationships

Knows how to build and maintain relationships with colleagues and others to support achievement of his/her job goals and objectives:

Plans Effectively

Looks ahead to establish a framework for upcoming projects and initiatives so they are accomplished with speed and precision:

Makes Results Happen

Uses personal skills, relationships and company tools to complete projects and accomplish goals, regardless of obstacles:

Demonstrates Resilience and Flexibility

Understands that things move and change quickly and adapts to a fluid work environment:

Supports Company Values and Policies

Adheres to established company values and policies, and promotes them with colleagues whenever possible:

Develops Self

Expands professional skills and knowledge through regular training and by accepting challenging assignments:

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