Compose a 2750 words assignment on neoliberalism and neorealism theories used in international relations. Needs to be plagiarism free! Neoliberalism and neorealism, both are deemed to be contrary theories based on the fields of politics along with the economy. Neorealism is based on the perception of classical realism, which is related as well as explained in terms of international politics based on human nature, ego, strategy, motivation, and emotion of all the leaders of world politics. Another side is neoliberalism, which indicates a form of free-market in the world’s economic theory. Several theorists had a debate on both of these theories, affirming that these show the characteristics and perspectives towards making broader theoretical advancement within international relationship1. The outline of the above discussed two theories must positively reveal the field of methods, ‘epistemologies’ and ‘ontologies’ that can be interrelated with one another.

In terms of formulating a thesis statement, the essay intends to compare the neoliberalism and neorealism theories with significant advancements made in the domain of international relations. This comparison would be mainly made in terms of focusing upon certain crucial areas that include states acting as role players, international system, the balance of power, and cooperation along with security. Moreover, the comparison will also be conducted with a special focus on US-Iran relations that led to the formation of the Iran nuclear agreement with the US.

Neoliberalism is regarded as an important concept and theory in the modern economy. It is a concept, which purposely proposes the advancement of liberating well-being based on individual entrepreneurial liberty and related skills within a particular framework of specific characteristics in market and trade that is free. Generally, in the above-stated theory, there is a basic hope for maintaining world peace in terms of common ground based on alliances as well as institutional policies of world powers. Additionally, liberal thoughts lead to interrelated as well as interdependent world.&nbsp.

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