Please make up somethings for answering the questions to show what you learnt is the class. I will upload a class syllabus. The class had a “mock convention” to discuss the constitution before 1877. Make up something for the evolution. No plagiarism please.

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1. Our Constitution, like most others, represents a view of how to build a “just society” out of a bunch of often-conflicting values and ideas. Its creation and its implementation also reflect the complex power relations. Drawing broadly upon all the texts and your experiences this semester (including readings and class discussions, as well as Reacting), 300 words

What have you learned about the nature and practice of politics? How do social, ideological, and historical circumstances affect our capacity to operate a community?

2. Looking at our Reacting exercises generally, what have you learned this semester about dealing with the ambiguities and tensions in other people’s positions and relationships to one another? Why was compromise so difficult in the Reacting modules you played? What could help us to overcome differences and to make common cause for the common good? 300 words

3. Consider the evolution of the intertwined issues of state vs. federal power and slavery from 1787 to 1865. From the perspective of your role in the 13th Amendment Debates, if you could go back and whisper into the ear of your character at the Constitutional Convention, what would you tell him about how to approach these issues? How would you convince him to take your advice? 300 words. My role is Francis W. Kellogg.

4. . Review the article (from the Economist magazine in October this year)about the potential for a new American Constitutional Convention(which I already uploaded). Think about the potential for a new Constitutional Convention in general (i.e., you needn’t focus on the specific issues under discussion). Answer BOTH of the following. 300 words of each below

– Based on your role as an original Convention Delegate, you have been asked to speak to your State Legislature in 2017. What would you testify about whether (and how) your state should call for a new Constitutional Convention? my role is William Samuel Johnson

– OK, the Convention has been called and will convene in two months. Maria King (the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter of your role as an original Convention Delegate) is one of the delegates. Based on your experiences and studies this term, what advice would you give Ms. King about how to approach her responsibilities (e.g. attitudes, study, relationships, thinking, public relations)?

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