Practical Exercise
PowerPoint (19SpringA)
Design and create a short presentation about a historical person that
you admire.
Create a short presentation (minimum of 7 slides) about this person. You
may choose anyone you want. Be sure to give me some background
information and what that person is doing or did
Be sure to use the 7×7 Rule.
Maximum of 7 lines per slide
Maximum of 7 words per line
A paragraph that has been separated into 7 lines with 7 words is not
following the 7×7 rule.
Save your presentation as W4_yourname_P1
You MUST include the following in the presentation:
Use text that tells me about your chosen person
Include a Works Cited Slide
Pick an appropriate Design Theme
Use Word Art for your Title on the Title page
Use images that are appropriate to the presentation
Apply effects to the images
o Add frames, effects,
Use shapes to enhance your presentation
o Include a shape on the Title slide
Use an image/picture as a background for 1 slide in the presentation
Use texture as a background for 1 slide in the presentation
Apply a transition (use the same transition throughout the
Include a footer on all slides except the Title Slide
o Include your name and Student ID number in the footer
Change the Document Properties
o Include
Tags (use more than 3 keywords separated by commas)
BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN with the presentation.

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