CUR 528 Week 6 Individual Assignment The Evaluation Process

Resources: The needs assessment you created in Week 4 that measures specific objectives for evaluation.

Create the data for each of the questions you used in your needs assessment in Week 4 that measured your objectives. Your fictitious data must show what the objectives measured and the analysis of data on a spreadsheet of at least 25 employees where 45% of the employees show a need for additional reinforcement or training.

Prepare an evaluation report of 1,225 to 1,400 words by using your needs assessment from Week 4 that includes the following:

Program description

Description of the problem

Purpose of the evaluation

Data collection procedures

Procedures for analyzing the data


Summarize in 525 to 700 words how your findings may be used to improve a course, training or the program that you evaluated.

Submit your Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet with data, your report and your summary.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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