Demonstrate your ability to create a web site. Your web site should consist of at least 4 pages, a main page, an additional information page, a page containing form elements (such as a contact page), and one additional page of your choice. A theme for the assignment will be announced in class, please make sure to create your page according to the theme announced in class. Any code (such as field names or captions must correspond to the theme covered in this assignment. It is required that the code be written by hand using a text editor (e.g., Notepad or Notepad++), not an HTML generator (e.g.,DreamWeaver). Notepad++ is a text editor well suited for HTML programming, and is a freeware application that can be downloaded from Please use the following HTML template for your page: Web Page Title here Student Name: Your Name Student Section: your text here Requirements The project must include: design material including site map, wireframes, and description and justification (at least one paragraph) for a page layout design technique (site map must be linked to main page, but does not count as one of your 4 pages) at least 4 web pages (main page, two additional pages relating to the theme, one page containing form/form elements – does NOT include linked sitemap) form elements must include text field, radio buttons, check boxes, select list, submit and reset buttons, fieldset and legend web pages must use cascading style sheets for style and layout cascading style sheets must use an external style sheet (you may also use inline and embedded styles). Use at least 2 different levels of style sheets cascading style sheets must be used to accomplish any/all styling for all pages requires style and layout web pages must provide navigation structure header and footer must include at least one image (on any of the three pages), including the alt attribute resources pages listing all references (not part of the four required pages) the project must be presented to the class during the assigned project presentation class period turn in to blackboard (see below)

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