In a Word document, prepare a 2-3 page (500-750 words) written response to the following items to submit to your professor:

Chapter 7, Fong et al. (2011) discusses various methods with which technology can assist personal health and exercise, including pedometers and GPS technology. There are also a wide variety of cell phone health apps that can assist in tracking distance run, heart rate, and caloric intake, among other health measures.

Conduct your own research to identify a health app available on cell phones.

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Describe the purpose of the app. What benefits does it bring to the user? What are some potential disadvantages or risks of using this app?

# need to include references in APA style The apa style references are very imortant please

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# Word limit: (500-750 words)

# type the answer don’t write them in a paper so i can copy theme

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