Please read “Experiences and Attitudes of Registered Female Sex Offenders” by Richard Tewksbury   beginning on page 194 of your  Latessa / Holsinger   text. Answer the following questions accordingly. Your responses should be based in what you have read. Please include citations throughout, as well as references in APA format. Your initial post is due by Day 3 (Wednesday). All peer posts are due by Day 7.

1) Consider the statistics provided in the article for female sex offenders. Given the relative proportion of males and females (i.e., pretend they are equal in terms of number of offenders total), do you think sex crimes committed by males or females go underreported more? Why? Again… you are pretending there are an equal number of male and female sex offenders. 

2) Tewksbury claims 94% of victims of female sex offenders are related to their perpetrator. Provide reasoning for this phenomenon.

3) Do you believe requiring female sex offenders to register improves public safety? Why or why not? 


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