Discussion Questions

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1. What does “reconstructing the past” have to do with investigative processes?

2. An investigator can strive to prove the case or uncover the truth. Is there a difference between these two orientations? Why or why not? Choose an orientation and defend it.

3. The key to conducting thorough investigations and getting them prosecuted lies in successfully articulating and packaging the facts and getting the agency and prosecutor “on-board” by making them stakeholders in the investigation. How would you ensure the integrity of the investigation when two agencies are competing for control of the same investigation?

Required readings:

Ogle, R. R. (2011). Crime scene investigation and reconstruction (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle

River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. (ISBN: 978-0136093602)

Osterburg, J. W., & Ward, R. H. (2013). Criminal investigation: A method for

reconstructing the past (7th ed.). Cincinnati, OH: Anderson Publishing (ISBN: 978-


You must answer the questions thoroughly and cite all relevant assigned readings for that week (using APA format).

You may also refer to outside sources as long as they are scholarly (e.g., peer-reviewed journals) and/or reputable (e.g., article from The New York Times, chapter from another textbook). DO NOT refer to or incorporate information from extremely unreliable sources (e.g., Wikipedia, TMZ, and The Onion).

Posts must be well written, free of grammatical errors, relevant to the topic, and demonstrate critical thinking and analysis.

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