Essay #3: Education For your third argumentative essay, take a stand on some aspect of education. Be sure to choose an aspect of education about which you already have strong feelings. Below are some questions to get you thinking. Your essay does not have to answer any of the following questions, but it could if you’d like. Should high school classes have fewer students? Should school districts be required to have music programs? What can schools do to eliminate bullying? What can schools do to reduce student violence? Are sports over-emphasized in high school? Are sports over-emphasized in college? Should college athletes be paid a salary? What steps should colleges take to increase graduation rates? Are charter schools good for education? Is it a good or bad idea for students and teachers to interact through social media? Does working a job outside of school help or hurt students? In this essay, you should focus on one level of education. In other words, write only about college, or only about high school, or only about middle school, or only about elementary school. You could actually narrow your topic even more by choosing to focus on one particular school or school district, such as writing about Lincoln University or your high school. Your finished essay should meet the following criteria: has a title that reflects the thesis has a suitable, narrow topic has a clearly stated specific thesis statement that appears in the introduction is organized into effective paragraphs (introduction, conclusion, three body paragraphs) has body paragraphs that begin with topic sentences includes good explanation and discussion acknowledges and rebuts the opposition correctly incorporates one borrowing from assigned Summary Response readings avoids serious punctuation and other sentence errors (sentence fragments, run-on sentences, subject-verb agreement errors, pronoun antecedent agreement errors, etc.) is 750 words in length follows the format as outlined in the syllabus for this class.

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