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please answer two questions in one page:

First amendment rights!! This is a very sensitive,
touchy, and tricky topic. This topic certainly relates bias, law, and most
importantly ethics. First, list the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.
Second, discuss your “digital brand” and why it is important to investigate
your digital self. Remember, anyone can write anything about you on the
internet! Refer to the “Persona” article when answering this question.

In this question, we are going to discuss
“Potter’s Box” and Clark’s 5 steps (please give reference). Do you think all
journalists ask these questions before writing a story? Is it worse if they
didn’t ask the questions if a story goes“viral”? Do you ask yourself these
questions before posting a picture or a written comment on Facebook?  Discuss the ethical implications of NOT
practicing ethical reporting, or even ethical Facebook posting. 

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