You must do a hands-on project. You choose the topic, but it must relate to wireless networks topics studied.
It means you need to submit a well written project with a powerpoint.
For example, some students in the past selected “War driving”, “LASER Communication”, “Hacking Wireless Networks”, “Wireless Networks Security”, “Attacks on Wireless Networks”, “Mobile Devices Security”, “Future Applications of Wireless Networks”, “Bluetooth Networks”, “Wireless Networks in Health Care”, “Implanted Wireless Medical Devices”, “Home Applications of Wireless Systems”, “Satellite Networks”, etc.
The project should be presented in a PowerPoint format, and must provide an in-depth analysis of your topic, what you did, why, how, and main results, including charts, tables, etc. Include as much technical data as possible when presenting your topic, and a comprehensive list of references (avoid Wikis, FB/Twitter posts, etc).
Each team member must upload a full copy of the project. Make sure all team member names appear on the cover sheet/first page of the project/presentation.

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