Guidelines and Directions
Here are your guidelines for successful completion of this assignment.
First, carefully read both Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 in your Coulter text. Second, apply Coulter’s guidelines to analyze the the Southwest Airlines case on pages 250-253 of your Coulter text. Be sure to follow all of Coulter’s guidelines for case analysis with three exceptions. These are that the case must be updated to present day, the financial analysis must conform to the guidelines on page 232 of your course text, and the ethical implications of your recommendations must always be adequately discussed.
In addition, either bullet or paragraph forms of writing are equally acceptable.Your cases may be done individually, must be submitted only to the designated drop location, must be in PDF format, and must be double-spaced with appropriate citations (citation format is your choice, but whatever you choose must come from a well-accepted style.) Exam length should be approximately ten pages, and team papers should have the team name onthe first page. Tests with an originality score that exceeds 10 % are not acceptable, and careful attentionto grammar and writing logic is expected. Grading criteria will be the following (each factor has equal weight) :Incorporation of Coulter’s guidelines in Appendices 1 & 2Writing mechanics and clarityConcept applications and supportEthical implications of recommendations
Basically, a case analysis of Southwest Airlines using most recent information.

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