Has the taken for granted nature of communication led to any examples of miscommunication in your life? Explain the miscommunication, identify where the communication breakdown occurred and discuss how you resolved the miscommunication. How are the ramifications of and solutions to face-to-face miscommunication different than miscommunication that occurs when texting or using other forms of social media?


First, how would go about learning the demographics of your audience (in this case, your classmates)? What kinds of questions would you ask? How might their answers impact your topic choice, preparation, or delivery (please use an example)?


Second, what is your opinion of the Hornstine case that is discussed in Chapter 5?  How would you feel if you were Hornstine ( PLEASE USE WEBSITE REFERENCE FOR THIS QUESTION)? How could you address and or include those who may have a disability in your presentations?


Hornstine reference: for blair hornstine:





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