A variety of visual aids could enhance this type of speech including Powerpoint, charts, graphs, or photos

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Create an outline for an informative speech…writer may pick topic….
Informative speech gives students an opportunity to educate the audience on a particular topic. By using different variations of research including personal and third person experience, students will be tasked with “becoming an expert”. The topic you choose could be defined or viewed differently by the audience. Make sure you give enough information that explains your point and connects well with listeners. Your speech should have a universal message or theme that the audience can take away from your presentation. There needs to be a point the audience can learn that they can apply to their own lives.

For example, if you decide to give a speech on your cultural heritage, it could be able be information about your family’s country of origin, cultural traditions, language, food, religion, folklore, music, etc. You could choose an aspect of your cultural heritage that you feel pride about. Get information from your family, public records, history of a particular part of the country or traditions, food, and more. It would not be a story or family tale. Discipline: Public Speaking



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