Initialize the Dow Jones Industrials dataset as shown below:values = np.loadtxt(‘’) dates = np.loadtxt(‘’, dtype=’str’)1) Use the number 0159 as the random seed. Pick a random day and examine the10 consecutive values including that day. Include the condition so that the selection will be the last 10 values if the random day pick is within that period. Show the resulting dates and the values for this period. Show daily next loss/gain for this period. What is the net gain/loss for the period?2) Use the number 0159 as the random seed. Randomly pick 10 dates in thedataset. Show by ascending order of the dates the selected dates and the corresponding values. Suppose you bought a different stock tied to the DOW on each of these 10 randomly selected dates. Suppose you decided to sell each of that stock later in the year so that you either maximize the gain or minimize the loss. Show for each stock, what date you would have sold? What would have been the gain/loss for each stock? Show the results for each these 10 dates.

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