to comment on the analysis, ask questions, and/or make suggestions give examples about how this analysis could be improved.

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comment each questions 130!

  1. What do you think is/are the key issue(s) in this situation?

The key issue in Janice’s case is her lack of organization. Even though the company is still profitable, Janice does not have any of the employee’s job duties or assignments in writing. This could be leading to the decline in productivity. Since there are no guidelines set for the employees to follow, they are left to their own accord to do their job as they see fit, which might not be fit for the company’s needs. Janice is also not providing any kind of orientation to her new employees. Even though they are coming in with experience in the field, this does not mean they do not require training. Every company runs differently and new hires should be trained accordingly. Janice has a lot of expectations for her employees, but again, she has none of these goals written down, so the employees have no idea what expectations they are supposed to meet. It seems like the company as itself, not just Janice, is experiencing communication issues. The account executives are not communicating to the team members exactly what is expected from the project. During the exit interviews employees are offering no comments or criticisms, which shows that they are not communicating with the company in the same way that the company is not communicating with the employees. Janice and the company itself really need to focus on increasing their organization and communication skills in order to keep their employees around longer.

2.How can Janice best address both the productivity and turnover issues?

Organizations are usually driven by goals and objectives which are required to be fulfilled. These objectives are to be written down and be clearly understood by each employee of an organization. Janice should avoid being too friendly in her leadership and ensure that she presents the objectives of her organization to her employees in more formal manner. Employees should also have their own goals set in order to motivate them to work towards achieving them as well as working toward meeting the organizational objectives.
The world is changing and there is a lot of technological advancements that are emerging. Therefore is the responsibility of Janice to ensure that her organization keeps up with the technological advancement. Justifiably new technology ensures there is work efficiency and increase productivity as more work is done in less time. In regard to that Janice should initiate training programs for employees. Training will help employees to acquire skills and knowledge about new technology in place, familiarize with it and this will cut the need of acquiring new manpower.
Communication is a key element in any organization and it plays an important role in ensuring that its operations and activities run smoothly. Janice needs to ensure that there is good communication among her employees by putting in place proper pieces of equipment and effective mechanisms. For instance, account executive should communicate objectives in the right time to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the operations and activities of other employees in the organization . In addition, Janice may organize benchmarking programs for her employees to enable them to gain knowledge of and obtain appropriate techniques from other well-established organization that can be relevant in their line of duty.

  1. What do you think Janice should do in this situation? What action(s) do you think will benefit Instant Insight the most?

The first thing Janice needs to do is get help. As president, it is her responsibility to surround herself with people who will help her make the company succeed. To do this, she first needs to identify her weaknesses – this will be easier done by someone who has been working with her. From the information given, it looks like Janice is lacking organization, particularly regarding topics typically covered by health and human resources. To run a successful business, the first priority should be keeping employees happy and moving forward. Janice and the people who she finds to compensate for her weaknesses need to create a more clear outline of employee responsibilities and procedures, this should help with orientation and training of new employees, create goals for hourly billing rates and incentives, provide expectations, and prevent deadlines from being missed. Overall, Janice needs to change her leadership style from “extreme friendliness” to “goal oriented”. What is boils down to is that Janice does not seem to be moving towards anything; if she set goals for herself and people around her, every issue could be fixed one by one. In her position, the goal should not be to micromanage employees’ work, but to determine better ways for the organization to develop as a whole. If the company was managed better, it would likely keep desireable designers and hopefully attract more. All of these things will help the business become more successful in the future.

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