Directions: Write a five-paragraph (2-3 page) MLA style research essay on one of the topics listed below. You should choose from the list below, but a topic of your own choice is fine. Please share your topic with me first if it is not on the list. Be sure to take a side, argue your point, and counter the “they say” side of the issue.

  1. Use three or more sources. One source must be from an electronic database.
  2. Use in-text citations for every source you integrate.Include an MLA works cited page as your final page.
  3. Use size 12 font, double space, 1 inch margins, easily readable font.
  4. Include heading at top left.
  5. Include last name and page number at top right.
  6. Use the five paragraph format. No page requirement. Write as much as you need in order to prove your position.

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