Joe loves explosives and begins his own demolition company, “Joe the Destroyer.” He doesn’t file any paperwork to begin his company because his friend told him that he didn’t need to file anything to start a sole proprietorship. Joe gets his first job and deposits the money into his personal checking account. He then proceeds to destroy the customer’s house, located at 1234 Serenity Lane. This is an unfortunate event since the customer wanted the house located at 1200 Serenity Lane demolished. Using material found in the required readings, discuss three legal problems that apply to Joe. Each problem that you identify should be discussed in 150 – 250 words. Your essay should contain at least three citations, as well as a reference page. Submit your essay in APA format no later than 11:55 PM on the last day of the class. Please make sure your work is original and that the work is cited in proper APA style

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