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The purpose of this exercise is to critically apply the Johari Window
to media and your own values and perceptions held about yourself. This
assignment requires you to watch the four clips in a short video that
demonstrates each area of the Johari Window. Critically apply the
descriptions of each area to the scene taking place in the film. Full
knowledge of the film is not needed in order to apply the framework to
the scene. Please notice that in the video each area is stated as Open
Self (Open Area), Hidden Self (Hidden Area), Blind Self (Blind Area),
and Unknown Self (Unknown Area). This exercise will assist you in
applying the Johari Window to both yourself and media. Communication
comes in many forms and it is important to understand that the ways we
communication can vary!

Video: Communication Johari Window Clips

Action Items

  1. Watch the video and pay close attention to the communication
    between the characters and the set-up of their scene. You may need to
    watch the scene multiple times and observe non-verbal and verbal
    communication aspects to make connections.
  2. Prepare a short essay (350-500 words) to include the following elements:
    • Clearly explain how each depicted interaction relates to the Johari Window. Address the following questions in your essay:
      • How does the demonstrated area or self of the Johari Window relate to the ways we communicate with one another?
      • Choose one of the areas of the Johari Window and apply it to yourself, critically focusing on your own self-perception.
  3. Support your work with brief citations from your text and PLE.
    Citations should serve to support your claims quickly and efficiently,
    but not detract from the reflective writing. (Any content used needs to
    be cited and you will need to include an APA formatted reference page).
  4. By the due date, submit assignment as a Word document.

Grading Criteria

  • Submission is well written to reflect effective grammar and spelling.
  • Submission integrates/reflects concepts from the text.
  • Submission demonstrates thoughtful critique of media text.
  • Submission clearly explains an aspect of one or more Johari Window areas to self.
  • Submission information is specific and not vague.
  • Submission meets the length requirements

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