Karla Tanner opens a Web consulting business called Linkworks and completes the following transactions in its first month of operations.
April 1 Tanner invested $120,000 cash along with office equipment valued at $28,800 in the company.  2 The company prepaid $7,200 cash for twelve months' rent for office space. (Hint: Debit Prepaid Rent for $7,200.)  3 The company made credit purchases for $14,400 in office equipment and $2,880 in office supplies. Payment is due within 10 days.  6 The company completed services for a client and immediately received $2,000 cash.  9 The company completed a $9,600 project for a client, who must pay within 30 days.  13 The company paid $17,280 cash to settle the account payable created on April 3.  19 The company paid $6,000 cash for the premium on a 12-month insurance policy. (Hint: Debit Prepaid Insurance for $6,000.)  22 The company received $7,680 cash as partial payment for the work completed on April 9.  25 The company completed work for another client for $2,640 on credit.   28 Tanner withdrew $6,200 cash from the company for personal use.   29 The company purchased $960 of additional office supplies on credit.   30 The company paid $700 cash for this month's utility bill.
1. Prepare general journal entries to record these transactions using the following titles: Cash (101); Accounts Receivable (106); Office Supplies (124); Prepaid Insurance (128); Prepaid Rent (131); Office Equipment (163); Accounts Payable (201); K. Tanner, Capital (301); K. Tanner, Withdrawals (302); Services Revenue (403); and Utilities Expense (690).

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