Learning Activity #1: Related to Theme 1

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At Bogdan’s Book Emporium, the Personnel Director Isabel Jenkins has made two new management hires. One of them is Jean Owl, who is a young 27 year-old mother of two. The other one is Jacob Jasper, a 55-year-old former engineer. There are three book departments where they could be assigned: Children’s Book Department, Science and Technology, or History and Biography.

  • The assignment is to create bias free questions that will help Isabel in her decision making process. Use the course readings to help you create these questions.
  • Create at least six questions Isabel can ask both new hires. These questions should help Isabel avoid biases and place them in the department they can be most effective.
  • For each of the six questions, include reasons why this question would help Isabel make a bias free decision. Use the course readings as a resource in identifying these reasons. Remember to use APA.

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