Week 7: Signature Assignment Group Presentations

Web Page          Task: View this topic    Summary: Applying the principles from the Nursing Leadership and Health Policy learning modules students will explore the role of the Registered Nurse Leader in policy advocacy.  Group of 6 students will create a policy challenge presentation with focus on Collaboration. All members must participate to earn points.

Directions: 1.Interview a leader from a professional Nursing organization to collect ideas for the project.

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2.Utilize your readings, research and resources to build the content. This should be a collaborative, team process.

3.Each group will utilize the Google Slides or Prezi to create a presentation to provide an overview of a grassroots policy challenges (present or past) that the identified organization supports, it can be a local, state or federal policy issue. 4.Each presentation should be between 8-10 minutes in length and will be followed by 5 min of Q&A by the audience. Each presentation is to include (but is not limited to):

•Brief description of the policy challenge the team has chosen and the Nursing Association that was identified. •Describe the “Agenda” for the identified policy challenge. Include how the policy issue was identified, (did they complete a review of the literature? did they do an environmental scan, SWOT analysis etc.) •Brief description of all key stakeholders (those who will be affected and those who can effect change), Interest groups, Opposition groups/individuals, Coalitions. •List the different strategies that they plan to or have already utilized to inform/lobby legislators (e-mail campaign, on-sight lobby, testimony, protest etc.) 5 •List and describe any non-legislative strategies that were utilized to support the initiatives 

6•Describe where this policy challenge is in the legislative process and the implications for the future.

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