In this assignment we will get some experience developing a complete assembly program with control constructs. Please carry out the following steps:

  1. Make a copy of the CS238/ha startup folder that was given to you earlier, and give ha4-1 as the name of this new copy.
  2. Start VS-2019, and open the project file CS238/ha4-1/windows32.sln.
  3. In the Solutions Explorer window on the right, choose the file windows32/Source Files/ha.asm and look at its text in the left window.
  4. Change this program completely into one that inputs two positive integers, and outputs their greatest common divisor, by implementing the following pseudo-code:

input num1 and num2 (assume num1 > 0 and num2 > 0) gcd := num1 remainder := num2 repeat numerator := gcd gcd := remainder remainder := numerator % gcd until (remainder == 0) output gcd

The following 3 windows are an example interaction of the complete program (output in red, input in blue):

a: 24 b: 54 gcd: 6Can you please do it with the prompts and everything

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