• Write a short report in which you determine one change you wish to make in your personal or
professional life and develop a plan to implement the change.
This change could mean anything from introducing a new system into your studies at University
or in a voluntary association you are involved in or a new health plan for yourself. You can choose
the nature of the change but it should be something you can realistically seek to achieve.

You will need to define the change you wish to make and how you intend to make it, indicating a
timeframe for its implementation. You should then apply the concepts, frameworks and ideas
from the course so as to enhance the chances of the change being successfully implemented.
We would like you to write a report detailing your programme of change. You should outline
why you selected this change, the planning process, and how the change will be implemented.
Identify any resistance and challenges as well as how they might be overcome.
You may refer to any of the materials and tools introduced on the course but must: state clearly the
nature of the change you wish to bring about, why you wish to introduce it, and the timeframe
involved; use the Force Field Analysis framework to illustrate the driving and restraining forces
acting upon you as you began the change process; assess likely resistance to change and how you
plan to overcome it; use the planned approach to change.
The report should be 1500 words in length (+/- 10%) and it comprises 30% of total course marks.
Marking Scheme (Part B)
Rationale, nature and timeframe of the change 20%
Force Field Analysis of your chosen change 30%
Critical assessment of resistance to change and realistic plan to overcome it 40%
Presentation/professionalism of Report 10%
• Do not search the internet for information and merely present it as your own
• Be prepared to put in many hours of independent study and research
• Wikipedia, UK Essays (and similar websites) are NOT professional sources and use of them will
be marked down
• Choosing overtly obvious choices increases the chances of plagiarism matches
• Plagiarism is taken very seriously and the consequences are severe
• Assignments are to be submitted via Turnitin ONLY






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