Search Engine Marketing

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Visit a website of your choice. Provide a link to the website. Then, answer the following.

  • Identify the components that were strategically optimized using SEO and SMO techniques. What could have been done to optimize the site further? Print out a screen image.
  • Identify the keywords you think would be good tags for the site.
  • Run a search query using the keywords. Does the site show up in the first page of rankings? In the top three? Why do you think the site was successful (or not)?
  • While you’re on the search results page, take a look at the sponsored and organic results listings. How do they differ? Which would be most influential if you had been conducting a real search?



  • The minimum number of pages is 2 ½ and the maximum number is 3, not including references.
  • Please use Times New Roman font, 12 pt.
  • Be precise, concise and to the point.

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